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Cannabis Processor Insurance

With heightened attention around product liability issues, it is more important than ever before to make sure you have adequate Cannabis Processor Insurance. In the event that a consumer becomes sick, or commits a crime you risk the potential of facing time-consuming and expensive litigation charges. Even if the incident was not related to your processing, litigation will trace the product back to whoever was involved from the point of sale and processors and the most susceptible to scrutiny.

Do you need protective Cannabis Processor Insurance?

As a processor, your equipment is one of your biggest investments and means for generating income. When equipment malfunctions the loss can be detrimental to your business.  The cannabis insurance industry has evolved and there are coverages available to protect your equipment and help you recover during reasonable “periods of restoration.”  It is also no secret that the equipment you use on a regular basis is potentially hazardous, making it extremely important that you and your employees have proper coverage.

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Available Options:

General Liability

Herbicide/Pesticide Endorsement

Product Liability

Product Withdrawal

Property Insurance

Stock and Inventory

Business Personal Property and Extra Expense

Equipment Coverage

Property in Transit/Cargo

Tenant Improvement Coverage

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