Cannabis Insurance

cannabis insurance

Expertise Matters

Here at The Cannabis Coverage Company, we specialize in providing insurance services specifically for cannabis operations. With frequently changing laws and continuing tension between State and Federal regulation, it is paramount that the insurance company you work with fully understands your unique needs.  Since 2003, we have worked with cannabis entrepreneurs to find the perfect policy for their business.

What you need to know

Aren't all insurance companies the same?

Insurance companies are not the same.  We exclusively work with insurance carriers that write policies for the cannabis industry and this is extremely important to avoid the trouble of a denied claim and lost finances.

Is cannabis insurance more expensive?

There’s been a lot of hype in the media about this and it simply isn’t true.  Insurance for cannabis operations is not any more expensive than running any other type of business.

Should I call around to get a better price?

There’s no need because we do all the shopping for you.  We will contact numerous cannabis insurance carriers to find coverages that suit your needs at the best rate.    

claims do happen…

We understand that running a business can be expensive.  When it comes to insurance, there’s a temptation to skip on the expense and hope that nothing bad happens.  Unfortunately, claims against businesses happen more often than you might think, and as “Murphy’s Law” would have it, they usually happen at the worst time.  The investment you make in adequately insuring your business will always be much less than the costs and loss that can occur if the unforeseen happens.

We write policies for different states

Although we’re based in sunny California, we work with top rated cannabis insurance carriers who write policies for different states.  Save yourself the time and hassle by working with one of our expert cannabis insurance agents today.  We’ll shop for the best coverages and rates for you.

What you need and nothing more

When it comes to cannabis insurance, once size doesn’t fit all. We will take the time to discover your specific needs, make sure that everything is crystal clear and provide you options that work for you. Contact us now for a personalized proposal!