Equipment Breakdown Insurance

cannabis equipment breakdown insurance

Cannabis Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Cannabis equipment breakdown insurance is another type of protective cannabis insurance that provides coverage for equipment failure and damage or loss to cannabis stock due to that failure. Coverage applies to events such as power surges, burnout, malfunction, and user error.

When equipment fails, the hassle and expense are difficult enough. Often cannabis stock is lost in the process and things add up quickly. To make matters worse, as long as the equipment is down, you are losing revenue. By having the right protections in place, you can have your business back to full operation as fast as possible.

Is your cannabis business protected in the event of an equipment breakdown?

What’s the difference between breakdown insurance and equipment coverage?

Cannabis Equipment Breakdown Insurance is specifically designed to protect you from a loss in the event of failure and Cannabis Equipment Insurance is coverage for events such as theft, fire, and vandalism.

There are additional, relevant coverages that you may consider such as business income and extra expense to help you reduce the chance of income loss while your equipment is being repaired or replaced.

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